Pablo E. Viera – Portfolio

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” ― Aristotle

Experience in public relations and strategic alliances

A big part of my experience and success was based on generating mutually-beneficial relationships with external organizations and people which allowed us to create a more cohesive community.


(We were part of the Café pendiente movement – Coffee for homeless – Being part of it was very important for our target market)


(Invited by Starbucks Argentina CEO Diego Paolini to the first Starbucks Coffee store opening in Córdoba)


(We collect funds for Techo in our stores – This organization builds homes for the poor)


(IL CAFFETINO ESPRESSO next to Catupecu Machu, a famous band)


(IL CAFFETINO ESPRESSSO next to KAMELEBA main singer. Another famous band)


(A famous sommelier helped us to advertise our coffee shop with free coffee tasting events)


(Invited by Hillel, a jewish youth organization, to talk to their members about entrepreneurship)


(We had excellent relations with all the universities in Córdoba. We provided discounts to their students in exchange for advertising)

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