Pablo E. Viera – Portfolio

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” ― Aristotle

Media relations (Press)

One of my responsibilities was to build strong relationships with the media, and this was very important to the company because we saved a lot of money in advertising. We spread our messages and news in more than 30 media outlets in two years.


+ Diario Comercio y Justicia
+ Diario La voz del interior
+ Diario La mañana de Córdoba
+ Diario Día a Día
+ Revista Pymes – Clarín
+ Revista Doctámbulos
+ Revista Wine
+ Revista Punto a Punto
+ Infonegocios
+ Revista Ocio


revista wine octubre 2012doctambulos sep 2010dia a diadoctambulosdiario negocios y pymes

Untitled 23969_432705029534_669189534_5583924_8202948_n Capital-20120209-00133 comer y just fb pap IMG-20120814-00851 info neg infonegocios small 2011 la voz nota la voz pap punto a punto punto a punto 2

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